This is crazy….

Tis not crazy, Disney would have the voice actors act out a scene so that the artist could use it as a reference. In fact the audio for the Mad Hatter is all taken from this scene. 

I’ve never been so in love!

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"Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are."

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Now, Elle and I are very similar as women. I’d like to think I’m like her a bit. She’s a lovely person. When I was her age, I might’ve been very, very different from her…there was a darkness to me at that age, and Elle is so full of light. She’s so full of love…she is kind of sparkly. She has something magic about her.” - Angelina Jolie

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I just signed up to get tickets to the big brother live audience and I am so beyond stoked 😲😍

Lucy was incredible. Go see it. Feel like you tripped on drugs for hours. Think about the Universe for the rest of the night. ✌️

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